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What is Wet Cleaning?

Thanks to the precision of advanced computer-controlled machines and presses, your finest clothing can be cleaned with safe, simple water and plant-derived detergents and conditioners. Best of all, they’ll even last longer!

No garment cleaning technique is "dry." The harsh and unhealthy industrial solvents used on clothing in traditional dry cleaners are also liquids. The antiquated term "dry cleaning" is a misnomer coined long ago when water washing methods were less able to remove oil-based stains (like lipstick and grease) and might have affected fabrics. Enormous technological improvements in recent years have eliminated our dependence on petrochemicals and volatile compounds for fabric cleaning.

Green Apple Cleaners recognizes that no garment stands alone – our choices can benefit your health and your environment. You don’t need to have your clothes "dry cleaned." You need them professionally cleaned. And you and your environment absolutely don’t need more toxins.