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Get Started

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward leading a healthier life in your clothes, your home, and your environment.

Getting started with Green Apple Cleaners is quick and easy and you’ll get special care whether you’re a small household or a corporation concerned with the wellbeing of many employees.


We can serve your household’s clothing and interior cleaning needs in four convenient ways:

Storefront – Visit one of our Manhattan, New Jersey, and Brooklyn stores to have us clean your suits, dresses, furs and leathers, casual clothes, baby goods, pet products and household fabrics. An expert tailor is assigned to each store as well, whether you need a quick hem, elaborate alteration or a custom designed suit or gown. Click here to find a Green Apple Cleaners near you.

Pick up and Drop off – Each of our stores has a service area for free pickup and drop off service, and we service doorman buildings anywhere in Manhattan and many locations in Brooklyn. No Doorman - No Problem call 888-458-8262 and sign up for Green Apple Direct™ - and together we can try to work out a scheduled delivery service that works for you.

Valet – Bring a little Green Apple Cleaners into your residential tower! Your valet station can be staffed with our friendly nontoxic cleaning specialists.

In-home Services – Green Apple Cleaners makes house calls! Make an appointment for our friendly specialists in healthy cleaning to come to your home and thoroughly leave your fabrics, rugs, and hard surfaces fresh and spot free. Our tailors are also happy to visit and perfect your wardrobe in the comfort of your own home.

Use us in the ways that best fits your lifestyle!


Green Apple Cleaners understands an employer’s enormous care for its employees and customers. Let us create a healthier and cleaner environment for your staff and clients. At the same time, you’ll further your environmental stewardship goals, which are so important for good corporate citizens.

Green Apple Cleaners’ comprehensive care will renew your office, hotel or convention center as a healthier place to do business. We’ll use our effective, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic “clean tech” systems to give first rate care to your executive towel service, rugs, drapes, hard surfaces, uniforms, and other garments. Help your employees to “go green” too with our rewards programs.