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One of the most beautiful things humans do is to welcome other species into our lives and families. We care about their diet and exercise, and we’re becoming more sensitive to how we expose them to toxins for which they (or we) are not adapted.

Green Apple Cleaners would love to help you care for your companion. Pets tend to have faster metabolisms than us, meaning that the toxins with which we are assaulted hurt them faster, and often worse. Green Apple Cleaners will provide a thorough, hypoallergenic, and nontoxic cleaning to dog and cat beds and sweaters, bird cage hoods, favorite blankets, soft toys, carpeted climbers and sleep boxes, winter paw boots, and more. Our home and clothing cleaning services will remove smells, stains, and hair while creating a healthier environment for your pet and you alike.

After all, healthy hugs aren’t just for humans!