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Clothing Donations

As Green Apple Cleaners extends the life of your favorite clothes, you might find yourself loaded with other outfits you rarely wear! Emptying your closet is a great opportunity to help people in need, so let's not waste that chance by stuffing landfills. Few donations are as personal and heartfelt as that of a garment – each carries with it a story, or maybe many stories. One easy and reliable way to ensure that your gifts are appreciated and effectively used is to leave them with Green Apple Cleaners. Feel free to bring them into a Green Apple Store or special drop box, or even have us pick them up in a special bag along with your regular cleaning.

Hour Children ( is a home, daycare, and support network for infants and children whose mothers are in prison or recently released and rebuilding their lives in a healthier way. Green Apple Cleaners is proud to serve as your conduit to this worthy program. Selected clothing and blankets will provide immediate care for these families in need and "interview suits"" for the Hour Working Women job skills and placement program. They will also stock the Hour Children thrift store that supplements funding for an array of programs while providing quality affordable goods to the surrounding lower income neighborhood and public housing community.

The Council on the Environment of New York City ( is a hands-on nonprofit working closely with city agencies to improve our quality of life through green programs, most famously its Greenmarkets. The Office of Recycling Outreach and Education of CENYC (pronounced scenic) partners with eco-conscious entrepreneurs to prevent textiles from wastefully piling up in landfill. Clothing, blankets, and other fabrics are returned to market in the United States and in developing nations. Textiles no longer suitable for wardrobes are returned to useful fibers. Green Apple Cleaners is happy to aid this key recycling program, which funds so many good, green aspects of our city's daily life.

If you know of other great causes in need of clothing and other textiles, we'd love to hear about them! Just drop us a note at…