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Green Apple Cleaners uses Miele Wet Cleaning Systems, which feature a superior Honeycomb Drum™ that prevents pilling by separating clothing from abrasive drainage holes. Targeted low water levels concentrate cleaning action to coax dirt and stains from your most delicate silks, woolens, linens, rayons and cottons.

Garments Cleaned with water "Feel Softer" and "Smell Cleaner, and have a fresh clean scent of "nothing" as they should; they are soft to the touch and are kind to sensitive skin. 

The 7 Primary Benefits of Today’s Wet Cleaning

Give your clothes a longer life.

The gentleness of wet cleaning is better for your clothes too, allowing them to last as much as four times longer! An independent study, conducted by Wfk Applied Research Institute in Krefeld Germany, showed garments processed in the Honeycomb Drum™ to be cleaner and last up to four times longer than garments processed in a traditional drum.