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Find Co2 - Your resource for locating a natural Co2 drycleaner in your area.

Americas Best Cleaners The dry cleaning industry premier certification organization for Couture Care Cleaners. Couture care is an extremely delicate process, involving complicated technology, chemistry and years of practical experience. A couture care specialist is a well-trained master of their craft, from couture apparel to your white cotton shirts. America’s Best Cleaners Certification ensures this level of quality through cutting edge standards and continual education.

Green Garmento - Is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic dry cleaning bags, while being a reusable hanging garment bag, carrying bag and duffel bag made out of recycled plastics … now just don’t go filling them with Toxic Clothes we might add!

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce – The mission of the MCC Green Business Committee is to provide MCC members with a leading sustainability and environmental roadmap that acts as an up to date educational engine, resource guide and network to experts in the field. The purpose is to support members, make connections, save them time and expense, reduce their imprint, improve Their Triple bottom Line (People, Planet, Profits) and increase the loyalty of their staff, customers and overall image.

SBNYC – Is committed to creatively sustaining and growing NYC business’, ourselves as business leaders, and the communities that we operate in.

The Albanese Organization – Is the largest builder of LEED Certified Green Residential buildings in New York City.  From the very First LEED Certified residential building – The Solaire – to the newest “Beyond Category” – Greenest LEED certified property – The Visionaire – has proven you can live green in luxury.

American Cancer Society – The American Cancer Society is at work in communities all across the country providing programs aimed at reducing the risk of cancer, detecting cancer as early as possible, ensuring proper treatment, and empowering people facing cancer to cope and maintain the highest possible quality of life.

Newtown Pippin Trees - The Big Apple has been too long without its apple heritage. The Newtown Pippin is an heirloom fruit from NYC that has been revered by those who value the art of food since it first ripened nearly three hundred years ago.  Thomas Jefferson wrote home from Paris, “They have no apples here to compare with our Newtown Pippin.” He and George Washington planted them in their gardens at Monticello and Mount Vernon, respectively. Benjamin Franklin shipped Newtown Pippins to England, where Queen Victoria was later an ardent fan of NYC’s premier apple.



Green Links - is a community driven online resource for all things 'green' in New York City. From environmental events and jobs to articles, profiles, and more — Green-Links is the place to find out what's green and happening in the Big Apple.

Nature Calendar – Who’s Goal is to highlight both the natural resources and species of metro-area ecosystems, starting with New York City, and the work of the dedicated people, both professional and volunteer, who care for them.

SustaiNYC - This is THE reblog covering NYC’s sustainability scene. It’s called a “reblog” because it’ll be heavy on the excerpting and linking, and relatively light on the original content. There’s no shortage of great content on local environmental and sustainability issues–through other blogs, mainstream media outlets, newsletters, listservs, and so on–but the sundry sources are scattered all around the web. sustaiNYC was started to help bring the highlights all to one place.

Susty - Originally Susty was short for “sustainability,” but now the term is a badge indicating that something or someone has integrated the needs of others with the needs of oneself.  The choice of how to do good for oneself leads to do-gooding out there in the world for people, wildlife, and natural resources.  We believe that embracing our interdependence between each other and with all of life and nature on Earth is the only way to live. In fact, to do otherwise is simply not to live at all nor to strive for the truly richest life imaginable.

Website Development Enterprises - specializes in eco-friendly and health services web design. Their pricing is fair, there are no hidden fees, their work is impeccable, and they deliver their product on schedule without fail. Most importantly, they won't finish their work until you are 100% satisfied.



Greg Barber Printing – Is dedicated to providing the best printing solutions for environmentally safe printing and related products - no job is to big or to small and Rush work is a specialty!

Earth Advertising - Promoting products that protect the planet and its people. The planet's top media buyers, creative directors, strategists, press, entertainment, and production talent unite to create advertising that matters. Our local and global campaigns are award-winning, come in all mediums, and are designed to move product while building loyalty to your brand.

Minda Supply – The Northeast’s Largest Supplier of supplies and longstanding vendor of Green Apple Cleaners.

Solvair – Being environmentally friendly is at the core of Solvair's design. Solvair is safe for consumers, workers and the environment. Solvair uses a biodegradable cleaning liquid and recycled CO2 in a system designed to maximize recycling and minimize both energy use and waste.

Miele - Miele's integrated Wet Cleaning process provides a fully functional alternative to conventional solvent-based dry cleaning methods. Since developing the wet cleaning process in 1991, the Miele system has gone on to become the recognized performance leader. Over 1,500 systems have been installed throughout the world, benefiting cleaners and their customers alike.

Baytech Web Design - Focuses on brand development and site-use sophistication. They provide the highest level of internet visibility. With a firm understanding of the client's vision, there onsite creative web design teams fearlessly present bold and creative ideas and then bring those ideas to vivid internet life.



Healthy Living NYC - was launched in August 2003 with the mission of creating a network between people seeking information and opportunities for healthy living and people in the New York City community whose vocation is to provide health information and services.

The Big Green Apple - Plenty of New Yorkers want to lessen their share of environmental burden, but simply don't know where to begin. The Big Green Apple: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Living in New York City provides simple ways you can make a difference. With it, you'll discover a comprehensive set of tips and strategies of how to adopt a lower-impact life without compromising your comfortable and cool urban lifestyle. You'll also find profiles of organizations, businesses, and individuals around the city committed to bringing NYC a brighter shade of green, as well as a comprehensive directory of green goods and services throughout the five boroughs.

Tree Hugger - TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, they strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.


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