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Company profile

Kreussler is a modern, medium-sized company of the chemical industry that has been in possession of the founder's family for four generations and aims at retaining its independence.

Kreussler was founded in 1912 as a company for the production of "dye-stuffs" and auxiliary agents for textiles. Since 1985, Kreussler has led the European market in dry cleaning. The development of wet cleaning (Miele System Kreussler) and the winning in 1993 of the State of Hessen Innovation Award are examples of the future oriented activities of Kreussler. Professional laundry, a sector added in 1990, has been expanding strongly and today has the largest share in the textile chemicals division.

The in-house research & development, and optimization of products and procedures are aimed at using resources and energy as economically as possible, at avoiding hazardous substances, and at minimizing the amount of waste. The quality management certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ensures continuous improvement of the quality of Kreussler products and services.

The medium-term target of Kreussler is winning the technological leadership in detergent chemistry and laundry technology, the further expansion of wet cleaning, and the continual optimization of applications for textile cleaning in solvents.

Kreussler – Wetcleaning System

When, in December 1991, Kreussler jointly with Miele introduced the LANADOL procedure (Miele System Kreussler) to the German public, a clear-cut objective was to be achieved:

Textile cleaning without solvents:

For this reason, the LANADOL procedure has been designed in a way that ensures that basically all outerwear textiles, from shirts to evening dresses, can be cleaned.