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Hotel / Restaurant Service

Provide the first rate dining and overnight experiences hotel and restaurant guests expect: healthy, clean, and comfortable. Avoid the apologies, expenses, and damage to your reputation that can follow using outdated cleaners, which can contain allergens, irritants, and toxins.

Our hypoallergenic, nontoxic cleaning services are the cutting edge of “clean tech” for the hospitality industry. We can safely, gently, and completely clean guests clothing, uniforms, towels and linens, with precise pressing and folding while our interiors division can sustainably clean hard surfaces, drapes, rugs and perform  annual and semi-annual room deep cleanings. Guests will also enjoy our same-day wash and fold services and dry cleaning, any day of the year.

If you are a Hotel looking to extend the life of your linens and towels through our exclusive quarterly “Spa Conditioning Towel Treatment “ or looking to just looking to reduce you par, all the while providing you with short turn times, Green Apple’s Hotel and Restaurant division operates 7 days per week – just for you.

Learn how becoming a “Green” certified restaurant can increase your bottom line by checking out the Green Team NYC where you will discover that going Green is as easy as Boiling Water!