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General Questions

How do I pay for Green Apple Cleaners?

For your greatest convenience, we offer two methods of payment, on file credit or debit card programs (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and COD on pick up or delivery. You can choose between having your credit card charged automatically with each servicing, or if you prefer we can process a cash or check transaction with each order. Your credit card information is held securely by Payment Processing, Inc using the latest encryption and safeguarding technologies in a hosted environment to all Green Apple Cleaners locations. None of your personal information (other than your name and apartment address) will be visible on the ID tag. You might also ask your credit or debit card company if it has a program to donate a percentage of purchases to environmental causes – if not ask us … maybe we can start one!

How do I know what I'm being charged?

A receipt will also be included in your garment bag with each order, our Client Relations representatives can email you regular updates and you can log onto your own account at My Green Apple and see all your charges, statements, and even securely update your credit card information. For a full list of our services and prices, click here.

Does Green Apple Up-Charge for brand labels and specific fabric types?

No – Green Apple Cleaners stopped charging for brands, fabrics and colors in 2016. Prior to that the increased cleaning time for specific fabrics and colors was taken into consideration as well as the liability for specific high end brands when factoring in the upcharge.

Green Apple has invested in operational equipment and process changes to make these charges no longer necessary, as such we have stopped applying up-charges for brands, fabrics and colors.

What is the Co2 Rec charge on my Invoice?

Being green is not a marketing tool for us, it is a way of life.  In all aspects of our business, we are continuously seeking out new technologies and new processes to increase our contribution to protecting both the environment and its inhabitants.  We will continue to strive for excellence by decreasing our carbon footprint while maintaining high quality service at competitive prices.

Green Apple Cleaners takes the environment in mind regarding every aspect of the business process. From the biodegradable plastic bags, two-way garment bags, recycling programs for hangers; cardboard; plastics as well as operating fuel efficient fleets, utilizing the most advanced cleaning systems available, development and use of custom blended environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents, 100% post-consumer paper and soy inks, to using high efficiency lighting, Co2 scrubbers and recirculating chilling towers.

The Co2 Rec charge is not a governmental mandated tax or fee but is designed to offset a wide range of environmental expenses (direct and indirect) incurred by operating in an environmentally mindful manner. As Green Apple continues to get greener so do you and for this we would like to thank you for your patronage and support for choosing to use environmentally mindful companies.

How come half my order was dropped off a day early?

Green Apple operates on a first in first out lot system, but sometimes orders need a little extra TLC. When that happens, rather than stopping delivery of your order, we send out the all completed garments that are on the same ticket (defined as 8 items). Any remaining orders will be delivered automatically the following day (on schedule).

I received all my garments but one and there is a note and new ticket?

If a specific garment needs additional attention, Green Apple will "split the order" and "send it short" the item that need additional care (such as an overnight in the soak tank with some enzymes). With this a Client Relations representative will contact you via phone or e-mail to alert you of the any additional time needed. This does not happen often, but we feel it is our duty to provide you with the best cleaning and care for your garments.

Is Green Apple Cleaners offered everywhere?

If you live in a doorman building anywhere in Manhattan, we can serve you. Otherwise, Green Apple is offered in most neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn and northern New Jersey through a combination of storefront location and route delivery service . If you live in the New York City area but outside of these areas, please sign up here —we'll contact you about service through our on-demand Green Apple Direct™ delivery service. Our goal is to serve all NYC boroughs and surrounding communities.

Can I Use Green Apple Cleaners if I don't live in a doorman building?

Yes. Sign up as a Non-Doorman customer and Green Apple will contact you to make special arrangements through our on-demand Green Apple Direct™ delivery service.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with a recent delivery?

Call Green Apple Cleaners at 1-888-I LUV CO2 (1-888-458-8262). Our team is available to take your call from 8am-5:00pm M-F and 8pm-4pm on Saturday. After hours, you may leave a message with us, and we'll contact you the following business morning.

May I request additional garment bags?

Yes, we’re very glad when customers opt to save energy and reduce waste by using durable garment bags. Just call us at 1-888-I LUV CO2 (1-888-458-8262) and we'll provide you with additional bags as needed.

But isn’t CO2 bad for the environment?

Yes, industrial and agricultural CO2 releases are a major cause of global warming. Green Apple Cleaners helps reduce those emissions by using CO2 captured from industry before it’s released into the atmosphere. Then we recapture nearly all of that CO2 with each cleaning cycle. We strive for maximum sustainability in the rest of our company’s functions too by buying wind power and minimizing petroleum consumption with vehicles that include tricycle rickshaws, Smart Cars, and hybrid automobiles.

I see that my local cleaner is offering "Organic Dry Cleaning" is that the same as Green Apple Cleaners?

As many dry cleaners struggle to meet environmental regulations that require costly new equipment, misleading "organic" and "natural" claims by some traditional cleaners keep customers guessing about what is really green.  Green Apple Cleaners takes the guesswork out of what it means to be truly organic

Very often cleaners who claim to be organic are still using Perc or have switched to "Hydrocarbon" or "DF-2000", which the EPA classifies as "Petroleum". Understand that current government regulations surrounding the use of the term "organic" are only strictly enforced in food and cosmetic products.  These "organic" solvents are as organic as gasoline, but if your gas station said they have "Organic Gas" you would catch on!  The Environmental Protection Agency says DF-2000 causes eye and skin irritations for workers and contributes to smog and global warming. This widely used cleaning fluid is still better than perc, however, it is by no means environmentally friendly and green.

Don’t be fooled by marketing claims.  But don’t take our word for it.  Listed below are several articles explaining the "Organic Lie" and for more information see "How Green is YOUR Cleaners" below or watch some of the News reports in our video library.

Articles:  Live Science, Healthy Living