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What is CO2 Cleaning?

CO2 dry cleaning uses liquid CO2, the same ingredient that makes sparkling water "fizzy". It has been lauded by Consumer Reports, NRDC,, and Greenpeace as the most effective and environmentally safe cleaning method.

As part of a cooperative effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the garment and textile care industry, the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) program recognizes the liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaning process as one example of an environmentally-preferable technology that can effectively clean garments.

DfE-recognized products are safer for people and the planet and have eliminated more than 357 million pounds of chemicals of concern.

How does CO2 dry cleaning work? CO2 dry cleaning uses natural liquid carbon dioxide (recycled from industry wherever possible) combined with recyclable cleaning agents to wash the dirt, particulate and toxins from garments, then flushes and "dries" using CO2’s state changing cycles from a gas to a liquid and then back to a gas, oh and did we mention the "wheel" is turned by a "Mag Drive" and the whole process is powered by Wind Energy … pretty high tech stuff!

The entire cleaning process is done at a cool, room temperature. Other dry cleaning methods like perchloroethylene (or "perc", the most common dry cleaning method) hydrocarbon and Green Earth (silicone) are toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens and ground water contaminants. Additionally, most other dry cleaners require heat to dry your clothing. Heat degrades fabrics, causing them to wear out, fade and pill, and can actually cause stains to set permanently.

CO2 cleaning is better for your clothes! Our CO2 dry cleaning technology gets clothes cleaner than any other dry cleaning method. With CO2, there's no fading, shrinking, pilling or stain setting. And there's never a "dry cleaning" smell or residue left on your clothes.

Garments cleaned with CO2 feel softer! Your clothes feel better than when they're cleaned with other methods.

Garments cleaned with CO2 actually last longer! Fabrics keep their color, shape and finish, looking newer longer. CO2 cleaned garments have been shown to last 20% to 40% longer than those using traditional dry cleaning.

What type of CO2 Machines do Green Apple Cleaners use? Green Apple use’s both Traditional CO2 and the next generation of CO2 Machines, Solvair CO2 Cleaning.  Both machines are similar in function, using detergents to clean garments while rinsing in 100% Pure CO2, leaving the garments Fresh, Odorless and Toxic Free! For more information about both processes please click the links above.

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