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Your child will cultivate a taste for the finer things in life, but right now has a taste for anything that can fit into a very small mouth. That’s nature’s way of teaching your baby’s immune system to be discerning and effective against bacteria and viruses. But there’s nothing natural about the toxins in the so-called “cleaners” that contaminate a typical household.

When you hold your child, you shouldn’t have to worry about what volatile compounds your child is breathing in from your suit or blouse. Your floors should be safe crawling places for new explorers.

There’s no higher honor for Green Apple Cleaners than to contribute to your child’s wellness. After all, our company started with a new parent’s concerns. A sanitary and fresh home life, free of toxins, takes its place alongside good nutrition, active play, time in nature, intellectual stimulation, and emotional nurturing in a holistic conception of a healthy start.

Our hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and sustainable technologies provide the most thorough and gentle cleaning for baby’s blankets, teddy bears and soft toys, sheets and linens, and pajamas.

Parents can fully guard their children against toxic cleaners by enlisting Green Apple Cleaners to provide both household and clothing services . After all, with suits and dresses slowly releasing PERC, hydrocarbons, volatile compounds, and other unhealthy chemicals, your child is right: there is a monster in your closet!

Looking for a Baby Shower Gift? - The Healthy Hugs care basket from Green Apple Cleaners is a great baby shower gift.