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Green Apple Cleaners in the News …


CNN - Anderson Cooper 360 - Birth of a "Green" Dry Cleaner - Video

TIME Magazine - Guilt Free Laundry - Article

TIME Magazine - A Green Alternative to Dry Cleaning - Photo Essay

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce - 2009 Green Business of the Year Award - Award


Gotham Magazine - The Green Apple - Article

Smart Money - Stand Out: This Cleaner Is Greening the Big Apple - Article

NBC News - Going Green - Video

Wall Street Journal - Finding an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner - Methods Replace Hazardous Solvent, but Are They Really Safer for the Environment?  -  Article

CNBC - Green Dry Cleaning - Video

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce - Making Green by Going Green - Video

US State Department - AMERICA.GOV - No Risk No Reward - Video

Healthy Living NYC - The Greener Dry Cleaner – Article / Interview

Ecorazzi - Tribute to Live Earth Tries to Keep Message Alive – Web / Sponsorship

Sundance Channel - What's The BIG IDEA? – Video

Plenty - Lean Green Cleaning Machine - Magazine

Daily News – Small Business finds Profit in Saving the Planet – Newspaper Article

Time Out Kids - Green PartyMagazine

The New York Sun - Going Green, With Help From Some Friends - Newspaper Article

Sheckly’s – Best Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner - Review & Award

No Impact Man - Plenty Party & Effie's Moms' Yogurt – Web

Crain’s – Two Cleaners try to Reinvent the Game - Article

The Lazy Environmentalist - Green Dry Cleaning in the Big Apple – Audio Interview

MUG - Manhattan Users Guide - Web

ECO Investor - The Future of Cleantech – Cleantech Trade Magazine

Ideal Bite - Green Dry Cleaning in the Big Apple - Web

SJF Conference - Cleantech Companies in Mainstream Markets – Panel Discussion


CO2 in the News ...

The Wall Street Journal - Finding an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner - Article

Greenpeace – What’s IN and What’s OUT - Article

EPA - Case Study: Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Surfactant System For Garment Care – Case Study

Associated Press- What is Green Dry Cleaning – Article

Consumer Reports - Dry Cleaning Alternatives - Article


Dirty Little Secrets in the News ...

Live Science - Dry Cleanings Dirty Trick – Web Article


American Academy of Neurology - Exposure to Dry Cleaning Solvents Linked to Increased Risk for Parkinson Disease – Article

American Dry Cleaner - California Reminds Drycleaners of PERC DEADline– Article - Looking Good, Feeling Bad; or, What's the Problem with Perc (Percholorethylene)? – Web Article

American Dry Cleaner - Industry Descends on New Jersey to Fight Perc Ban – Article

American Dry Cleaner - Industry Heads Off Philly Collocation Ban – Article

American Dry Cleaner – EPA Issues Draft Review of Perc Toxicology – Article

National Cleaners Association - NCA - Rejects Revolutionary Non-Toxic Dry Cleaner Green Apple Cleaners - Letter