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Nothing is more important to us than health and growth, of our customers and their children, our regional economy, and our shared global environment. As employees and investors with Green Apple Cleaners, a company built on the values of sustainability and care, we listen to our neighbors and customers to learn where we can help. Then we act to the best of our ability.

Beyond the direct benefits of our healthier technologies and the ecological ethics of our business practices, Green Apple Cleaners makes creative contributions to many community and school groups.

Apple Tree Plantings

Green Apple Cleaners is proud to be restoring New York City’s premier heritage apple, the Newtown Pippin. And yes, it’s green! We sponsored over 150 Newtown Pippin apple tree saplings, planted throughout New York City in 2009, in partnership with Green Thumb of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Slow Food, local schools, and community gardens. Click here to learn how your community can participate!

Green Education

A great joy for Green Apple Cleaners staff is to bring environmental awareness into schools by sponsoring “green days.” At the Bogart Memorial School in New Jersey, for example, we helped assemble authors and environmentalists for an event that inspired elementary students to save rainforests through their daily decisions about paper, materials, and energy use. If we can help you plan your event, please email us here.

Green Business Promotion

As a pioneer in its industry, Green Apple Cleaners supports the hardworking entrepreneurs and creative businesspeople who are greening other important sectors of the economy. We’re a founding member of the Sustainable Business Network of New York City, and a member of the Green Committee of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.  We have also sponsored Green Drinks, and continually participate in its vital gatherings, environmentalists become business leaders and business leaders into environmentalists.

Estuary Access

The Tri-State area is cupped within one of North America’s most important estuaries. We’re grateful for our wetlands, shorebirds, seals, and marine life and eager to inclusively share its bounties. We’re happy to sponsor a Long Island City Community Boathouse kayak for public access to our harbor estuary for education and recreation.


Every day the Green Apple Cleaners tricycle rickshaw rolls through a neighborhood, or up to a community event, urban and suburban residents see a hint of the healthier, clean energy future. Our festive trike is ridden in bicycling events organized by Transportation Alternatives (our staff includes members) and other NYC - area groups. Ring out a greeting on your bike bell if you see us!

Raffle and Other Gifts

Green Apple Cleaners is thrilled to support nonprofit organizations by providing gift basket items and other prizes to benefit parties. Email us here for more information about how we might help you.